Facilities Management

With the ever-increasing requirement for companies to offer broader services to clients, Meridian Integrated Systems Limited has developed a strong network of contractors capable of dealing with any problems likely to be encountered on a large site and scale.

Additional services range from Heating/Air conditioning to plumbing and roof maintenance. Whether it is a technical or a non-technical problem, Meridian will be capable of organising quick and effective solutions.

Meridian Integrated Systems Limited will manage your site by:

  • Constantly looking for ideas and technical developments that will benefit our customers
  • Actively seeking feedback on all aspects of our performance from our customers and using that information to improve our performance
  • Never adopting short cuts or cost cutting measures which could affect the quality of our service
  • Never making promises we cannot keep
  • Employing staff and contractors of the highest calibre with the right skills and training to do their job to the highest standards.

For you the customer, this means:

  •  You can have clear expectations of what services you will receive from us, and feel confident that we will deliver everything we promise
  • You can judge our performance against our own exacting and inspected standards. We will respond to, and act upon, all management feedback given to us with a view to producing improvements to the running of your site
  • You can expect that all engineering systems will work correctly from the outset and that all systems under our control will be maintained to the highest degree of competency and efficiency, with an aim to minimize operational disruption
  • You can expect us to be proactive with site management and to attend regular meetings, which will provide progress and performance feedback. Meridian Integrated Systems Limited will also operate a 24/7 advice and response line for all customers.